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My Alphabet Animals
By:Betsie Lewis
Published on 2016-10-02 by

Have fun helping your child learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet, with My Alphabet Animals. This fun and adorable children's book will teach all 26 letters of the English alphabet, including the sounds that each letter makes. With carefully chosen animals to represent the primary consonant and vowel sounds, you'll be giving your child a head start for preschool or kindergarten or helping older students finally master the alphabet or help with phonics as they move forward with learning how to read. The 26 animals represented in the book are the Alligator, Bear, Cat, Dog, Elephant, Fox, Gorilla, Hippo, Iguana, Jellyfish, Kangaroo, Lion, Moose, Nightingale, Ostrich, Pig, Quail, Rabbit, Skunk, Turtle, Umbrellabird, Vulture, Walrus, X-ray fish, Yak, and Zebra. Each of these animals use the primary sound of the letter your child is learning. The text is clear and easy for your child to read and we have included a bit of fun by hiding a small portion of the next animal on the page, which will keep them engaged and guessing for the next letter. By placing the upper and lowercase letters on each animal, you will be assisting and aiding your child's memory as they work through the book. Modern research has shown that when images are used as memory aids, they greatly assist the student in retaining and remembering what they have learned. By simply reading this small book to your child before school or at bedtime, you'll be helping them to master both their ABC's and their vowel and consonant sounds. Your small children will love this short book and especially all the colorful and simple animal illustrations. They will enjoy guessing which animal comes next, which will teach them the order of the alphabet as well.

This Book was ranked at 2 by Google Books for keyword letter to a child.

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