Free Love is just a four letter word

Love is just a four letter word
By:Kristin Olsen
Published on 2013-06 by

This is the story of fifteen years of relationships and encounters. These are short tributes to the glorious men I was blessed enough to encounter. Each experience was a lesson presented to me and I am sure in another 30 years I might even figure out some of the lessons and reasons for these encounters in my life The trials and tribulations of love and infatuation. The good experiences and the bad. The living beyond the past. The learning from those past mistakes. The growing from past encounters into a better person. The road from the person I was to the person I have yet to become. This is a story of life's journey with others and myself to the place I hope to reach, a place of love, happiness, security with myself and love for the world around me. This is the story of GROWING UP!

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