Free Coloring Book for Healers

Coloring Book for Healers
By:Ronald Holt,Ronald Holt D O,William Huggett,William Huggett M D
Published on 2018-08-23 by

Studies show healers experience higher levels of stress than the general population. This stress is caused by extended hours and demanding work environments, along with balancing family and social expectations. While caring for others, healers often neglect self-care. In addition to these stressors, healthcare students must deal with rigorous academic demands. It's no surprise that healers can experience exhaustion and burnout. These factors may lead to psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression.Coloring Book for Healers: Stress Relieving Designs, Quotes, and Affirmations include 39 beautifully created designs with inspirational quotes and messages of affirmation. This book is designed to help healers find strength and encouragement. Studies have shown that coloring mandalas can calm the brain and decrease stress. Meditative coloring is a great way to rejuvenate. This book also provides quick and easy suggestions for self-care. When people practice self-care, they are better able to help others.

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