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Spacenoodles Coloring Book
By:Hank Curci,Hank E. Curci
Published on 2004 by SPACENODLES BOOKS

SPACENOODLES CLORING BOOK is derived from the successful website called SPACENOODLES.COM (which are free outer space greeting cards )whose characters come from the CENTAURI GLOBULAR STAR CLUSTER ( NGC 5139 ) located some 17,000 light years from planet earth.SPACENOODLES COLORING BOOK is a great way for children to learn about our wonderful universe while having fun.

This Book was ranked at 11 by Google Books for keyword coloring book.

Book ID of Spacenoodles Coloring Book's Books is OaQNfM5KUk8C, Book which was written byHank Curci,Hank E. Curcihave ETAG "PtC3sHCSitk"

Book which was published by SPACENODLES BOOKS since 2004 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is 9780975919927 and ISBN 10 Code is 097591992X

Book which have "10 Pages" is Printed at BOOK under CategoryComics and Graphic Novels

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