Download You Can Teach Your Child to Read in 5 Minutes a day

You Can Teach Your Child to Read in 5 Minutes a day
By:Jeffrey Ahrendt
Published on 2006-01-01 by Yephiah Books

Whether parents are going to home school or plan to send their child to public or private school, there is no greater gift they can give their preschooler than the ability to read. This Little Nibbles reading program is designed by a parent for parents to take advantage of any of the various five minutes of |free time| available out of every day to teach their own child to read.The program is based on the idea that humans learn best by progressive revelation in small increments, i.e., |little nibbles.| A foundation for reading is laid down by interconnecting the core functions between sight (reading a word), sound (hearing a word), speech (saying a word), and finally, what the word seen, heard, or spoken means. It is a process of constructing actual brain pathways.There are ten |little nibbles|, or chapters, that give parents simple instructions for teaching their child the following:1. To Recite the Alphabet2. To Say the Sound of Each Letter3. To Recognize the Sight of Each Letter4. To Combine Two Letter Sounds5. To Add a Beginning Letter6. To Read Simple Sentences7. Alternate Letter Styles8. More Three Letter Combinations9. Four Letter Combinations10. The Long Vowel Sound Every material thing needed to teach a 4 to 6 year-old to read is in the ringbound book. When a child is led through the steps, each in its own order, and not rushed, but allowed time for each new piece to settle in, the ground work is laid for the child to build upon it by his or her own initiative. Five minutes a day is not just to fit a busy schedule, but also to give the child's brain a chance to assimilate each day's new information. The rewards will last a lifetime.

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