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Geometrix Coloring Book
By:Jennifer Lynn Bishop
Published on 2006-12-01 by Courier Corporation

A feast for the eyes that offers endless coloring possibilities, this dazzling collection of 30 black-and-white geometric patterns features kaleidoscopic designs, interlocked ovals, rectangular weaves, swirling circles, repeating stars, and other hypnotic illustrations. Each page is a new discovery of designs just waiting to come alive with color!

This Book was ranked at 30 by Google Books for keyword coloring book.

Book ID of Geometrix Coloring Book's Books is k42POIICmsAC, Book which was written byJennifer Lynn Bishophave ETAG "C4B+8cmIvSE"

Book which was published by Courier Corporation since 2006-12-01 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is 9780486456720 and ISBN 10 Code is 0486456722

Book which have "32 Pages" is Printed at BOOK under CategoryJuvenile Nonfiction

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