Book Dear Linda

Dear Linda
Published on 2001 by Trafford Publishing

Ten years ago I became the adoptive father of a beautiful baby girl. The joy of nurturing my daughter to the brink of her teenage years has been the most fulfilling time of my life. She also has given me the noblest title of all. I am a father. Often during the past decade my thoughts have returned to the memory of a meeting with a young pregnant girl. A young girl whose ultimate, loving decision changed the course of my life. I wonder if her thoughts reach across the distance to reflect about her birth child and me. Is she emotionally troubled? Is she at ease with her decision? Does she need to be comforted by the knowledge that her birth child is being raised in a loving and stimulated environment? |Dear Linda,| is an open letter to the birthmother of my child. But it is more. It is an open letter to all birthmothers from the perspective of an adoptive father. Not only does it express profound thanks for a mature and heart wrenching decision, it expresses love. |Dear Linda,| details the events of the past eleven years. Many times emotional and oftentimes humorous, the reader is taken from the tribulations of a couple's infertility to the rigors of the adoption process. Later, the life of a special girl is chronicled. This revealing glimpse of my daughter's life will erase any lingering doubts that the birthmother may harbor about her decision. One learns that a selfless, loving act has positively impacted not only a child and a couple but also an extended family. The birthmother will learn that she touched the lives of several people in ways that she initially couldn't have imagined.

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